About Sportsrated

Sportsrated started out as one professional sport bettor’s vision. He had grown tired of spending countless hours, across numerous websites, researching fixtures every week. He was uninspired by the generic online sports books that offered little innovation and precious few tools to make his betting journey easier.

With a creative team working hard behind the scenes, Sportsrated began a sustained period of innovating, building, and testing.

The result is a suite of sophisticated tools that offer meaningful assistance to the sports bettor, while providing the sports books and affiliates with new breakthroughs in organic retention and acquisition.

The Sportsrated products complement the surge in popularity of second screen applications, and offer a complete solution for the pre-game, in-running, and post-game needs of the user.

We’re pretty proud of them, but why take our word for it? Get in touch now to arrange a meeting and see what solutions Sportsrated can provide for your sports book, affiliate site, or social sports project.

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*all UK stats
*source: Know the Fan – The Global Sports Media Consumption Report 2014 – Great Britain Overview (Perform Group: Kantar Media: Sport Business)